Worker’s Compensation 101

Today, we are going to talk a little bit about worker’s compensation insurance. What is it? What are some claims you can face? And how can you help prevent those claims?

To put it short and sweet Worker’s Compensation insurance is the insurance policy that covers your employees in the event of a workplace injury. Those injuries can range from a slip and fall to improperly or even properly lifting something and causing a back injury, neck injury, you know, hamstring strain, something like that. 

But let’s talk about a case that we may not think of when we talk about worker’s compensation insurance. You have an employee that’s you know, maybe has a bad diet and doesn’t do a whole lot, inactive lifestyle and body is full of inflammation. And they have a job where they’re at a computer all day typing along, and they develop carpal tunnel, inflammation, hands, nerves, whatever it may be. That employee can come back and file a worker’s compensation claim for a workplace injury. So what are some things that we can do to prevent these types of things and avoid these claims? That would result in increased worker’s compensation costs.

​Well, one is to have safety programs in place to prevent slips, trips, and falls. Have proper lifting training to prevent injuries, find problem areas in your business, that maybe there’s been a repeat of a claim or common injury in that area. And take a little closer look at that as to how you can prevent those things from happening. And that real specialized situation we talked about, maybe employee health and wellness programs and incentives for people to live a healthier lifestyle. So those are some things that we’ve wanted to cover today. the next time. You can learn a little more about how we make insurance easy to understand by going over to the video vault and watching a few of our videos explaining insurance in under 5 minutes. 

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