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​At PrimeRisk, we want to make sure you are educated and able to execute on risk management best practices so that you can reduce your Total Cost of Risk. Buying insurance is already a painful process in my business owners’ and executives’ eyes. Why make it more painful by having to pay additional premiums? The truth is, most companies do not understand Total Cost of Risk. They have great methods for measuring quality. They have great methods for measuring productivity. When it comes to measuring safety, CRICKETS! Why? What gets measured, gets done. Period.

At PrimeRisk we believe in accountability. In fact, we believe in 360-degree accountability that involves your advisor, your client concierge/risk consultant, your leadership team and your insurance carrier partner. We provide a full suite of business insurance and risk management solutions for Arizona companies plus our CompShield services to help your business grow. By focusing on Total Cost of Risk as opposed to insurance policy premiums, we always deliver the best results for our clients, saving them money they didn’t even realize they were losing before we met.

If you would like to explore how PrimeRisk can help your company do more than purchase an insurance product by going through the motions once a year, give me call, send an email or schedule an appointment using the button below.

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