Stop Being A Generalist.. And Stop Buying From Generalists

In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss PrimeRisk and how our insurance agency has positioned itself to serve specific industries. This knowledge can benefit both business owners and consumers when making important decisions about insurance products and services. Over the years, we have focused on identifying our target market and providing them with the most value. Here are the key points:

  • Industries we serve best: We have built our business around serving contractors, residential service providers, manufacturing companies, trucking, and the cannabis industry. These sectors make up 80% of our customer base, and we have gained extensive expertise in understanding their unique needs.
  • Resources and value-added services: We have established partnerships with companies that offer excellent resources for our clients, including safety training, HR support, and assistance in building employee handbooks. By leveraging these resources, we enhance the value we provide to our customers.
  • Personal lines and residential real estate investors: In addition to commercial clients, we also serve personal lines and residential real estate investors. We have carefully selected carriers and products that offer comprehensive coverage at an excellent cost, making it easy for investors to add or remove properties as needed.
  • Focus on specific demographics: For personal lines, we specifically target mid to high net worth individuals who require high levels of coverage. These clients typically own multiple vehicles, homes, and rental properties. We engage in conversations about umbrella policies ranging from $1 million to $5 million to ensure they receive the highest level of service and coverage.
  • Specialized expertise: While we can provide insurance solutions for a variety of businesses, we excel in serving our core industries. We have deep knowledge of the insurance needs of contractors and can find policies that provide comprehensive coverage with minimal exclusions. Our goal is to ensure our clients have the right coverage to complete their jobs successfully.
  • Importance of specialization: We share a cautionary tale of a contractor who approached us after being misled by another agent. The other agent secured a policy with a lower premium but failed to include coverage for residential homebuilding. As a result, the client was thrown off the job site, incurring significant losses in terms of time and money. This story highlights the importance of working with an agent who specializes in your specific industry and understands the coverage you truly need.
  • Benefits for business owners and consumers: We emphasize the value of focusing on what you do best as a business owner. By concentrating on your core expertise, you can provide better service to your clients, leading to business growth and increased customer satisfaction. From a consumer perspective, seeking out specialists in a particular field ensures that you receive tailored advice and coverage that truly meets your needs.

In conclusion, both business owners and consumers should consider specialization when it comes to insurance. As a business owner, understanding your target market and aligning your services accordingly can lead to improved customer satisfaction and business growth. As a consumer, working with agents who specialize in your specific industry or personal situation ensures that you receive the highest level of service and coverage. By making informed decisions, you can protect yourself and your business effectively.

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