Return to Work Program 101

​Let’s talk about the importance of having a return-to-work program and why your business needs to have one.

So what is it? Return to work is a program that every business should have in place for employees when they get hurt, especially employees that are in physically intensive jobs, where work comp claims are frequent. You may be more familiar with the term light duty program. So someone who may be in a physically intensive position, if they were to suffer some sort of injury, you could have an alternative duty or job that they complete in your business that would allow them to continue to work. 

Now, why would you do that? The main reason to do that is to keep your worker’s compensation claims down. We’d rather move them into a position to file paperwork, sit at a desk and do admin work, possibly make follow-up phone calls, or something along those lines that don’t involve anything that can potentially further injure them but allows them to stay at work and continue to collect a wage, so they’re not racking up claim dollars against your worker’s compensation insurance. That allows you to keep your experience modification factor lower and your claims down, thus allowing you to keep more favorable rates with your worker’s compensation insurance provider. 

Did you know that 60-plus percent of mod scores that have been assigned are incorrect? If you have a claim situation in the past that may need re-evaluating, feel free to contact us today. We have tools here at PrimeRisk that allow us to evaluate that mod rate, look back at prior losses, and possibly get that mod rate adjusted as far back as three years and help you recover funds from your worker’s compensation premium for an incorrect bond rating. So if you’d like to schedule a complimentary e-mod analysis, you can email us at, or you can call us at 480-613-8387. 

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