Google Workspace vs Microsoft 365/Exchange? Who’s keeping you safe?

Let’s talk about the graphic shared by At-Bay Cyber Insurance regarding cyber insurance rates, risks, and how the email server that you choose to use can affect that, specifically, Google workspace versus Microsoft 365. As you can see in that graphic that At-Bay provided, Google workspace is considered much safer, thus allowing you to get lower cyber insurance rates if you’re using Google workspace. And that should speak to you and tell you that Google has a much more secure interface and server to use. And we’re just going to touch on a few reasons why so here we go. 

1.  Two-factor authentication, or you’ll see it MFA multi-factor authentication. So Google workspace requires multi-factor authentication for all users and Microsoft 365 does not. And that does provide you extra layers of protection and security against unauthorized users accessing your email to Google workspace has mobile device management. So that allows the administrators of your email server to enforce security policies on mobile devices that access company email. Microsoft 365 does that as well. But it is nowhere near as comprehensive as the features that Google workspace gives you.

2. Mobile device management: Google Workspace provides advanced mobile device management features that allow administrators to enforce security policies on mobile devices that access company email. Microsoft 365 has similar features, but they are not as comprehensive as Google’s.

3. You have data protection and privacy Google workspace is known for its strong privacy policies and its protection of user data. Whereas Microsoft has faced strong criticism in the past for their lack of protecting their user’s data.

4. Email encryption Google workspace provides end-to-end email encryption for all emails sent between Google accounts. Microsoft 365 offers encryption as well, but it is not end-to-end.

5. Google workspace offers comprehensive training and education for their users to keep them safe online. Microsoft does offer some of that as well. But again, it’s just that Google does it much better, and offers much stronger and more comprehensive training as to how to keep you, your company, and its users safe.

If you’re using Microsoft, I know there can be a little bit of a process to migrate your domain and your email over to the Google workspace platform. Sometimes it’s not impossible to do. From what I understand, I’ve done it a couple of times with the rebrands and a couple of other projects I’ve worked on. +

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Also see SADA’s article titled “The emerging workforce overwhelmingly prefers Google Cloud productivity and collaboration tools over alternatives”


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