How was your audit

If you are curious about how you should prepare for your audit, I don’t blame you. Most companies in Arizona today get little to no advice about how to prepare for their audit. Why would they? If your premium goes up, so does your agent’s commission! At PrimeRisk Insurance Solutions, we want to make sure you are prepared for your audit when it arrives. It’s already a painful process, why make it more painful by having to pay additional premiums? The truth is, the audit preparation process doesn’t start after your policy expires, as you will see in our book it starts when your policy is written.

At PrimeRisk Insurance Solutions, we are not here to sell you a product. We are here to help you solve your problems. Preparing you for your audit is just another component of CompShield. By focusing on Total Cost of Risk as opposed to insurance policy premiums, we always deliver the best results for our clients, saving them money they didn’t even realize they were losing before we met. If you would like to explore how PrimeRisk can help your company do more than purchase an insurance product by going through the motions once a year, schedule an appointment using my calendar below.

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